Staff Members


Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Director of the institute
L2|07 204-21920
L2|06 302-21224
L2|07 205-21927
Technical Staff
L2|07 211-21931
Scientific Staff
Advanced Atomic Force MicroscopyL2|07 207-21923
Microfluidics, BiomaterialsL2|07 203-21928
PhD Students

PhD in a company
Tribology, Diamond-like carbon
Piezoresponse Force MicroscopyL2|07 210-21926
Atomic Force Microscopy, BiomaterialsL2|07 206-21922
Microfluidics, CellsL2|07 210-21926
Magnetic Force Microscopy, Biological MaterialsL2|07 206-21922
Advanced Research Lab
Atomic Force Microscopy, Funtionalised Paper
Bachelor Students
Probe-FunctionalisationL2|07 209
Master Students
Atomic Force MicroscopyL2|07 209
Raman Spectroscopy, Functionalised PaperL2|07 206-21922
Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy, PolymersL2|07 209
Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy, GraphiteL2|07 207
Raman-Spectroscopy, CollagenL2|07 203-21922
Microfluidics, Raman-SpectroscopyL2|07 212