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  • Multifrequency atomic force microscopy for the in-plane and out-of-plane nanomechanicalcharacterization of graphitic surfaces
  • Nanomechanics and -dynamics of healthy and cancerous human cells by force spectroscopy
  • Nanoscale characterization of functional materials with advanced force microscopy methods
  • Development of dynamic force microscopy methods for high-resolution imaging
  • Quantification of mechanical properties of polymeric materials and biomaterials on the nanoscale
  • Interfacial interactions on the nanoscale
  • Micro- and nanoparticle manipulation: determination of interaction forces and dynamic behavior inthe liquid environment
  • Subsurface detection of magnetic nanoparticles in polymeric samples and biomaterial with magneticforce microscopy
Compendium – a complete listing of all publications is to be found in the CV: CV and list of publications (opens in new tab)
1 K. Walter, J. Bourquin, A. Amiri, N. Scheer, M. Dehnert, A. L. Eichhorn and C. Dietz :
Probing local lateral forces of focal adhesions and cell–cell junctions of living cells by torsional force spectroscopy.
In: Soft Matter, 2023,19, 4772-4779, (2023)
2 A. L. Eichhorn, M. Hoffer, K. Bitsch and C. Dietz :
Adsorbate Formation/Removal and Plasma-Induced Evolution of Defects in Graphitic Materials.
In: Advanced Materials Interfaces, (2023)
3 A. L. Eichhorn, M. Hoffer, and C. Dietz
In-plane and out-of-plane interaction analysis of adsorbates on multilayer graphene and graphite by multifrequency atomic force microscopy.
In: Carbon 200, 124, (2022)
4 A. L. Eichhorn andC. Dietz
Torsional and lateral eigenmode oscillations for atomic resolution imaging of HOPG in air under ambient conditions.
In: Scientific Reports 12, 8981 (2022)
5 A. L. Eichhorn and C. Dietz:
Simultaneous Deconvolution of In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Forces of HOPG at the Atomic Scale under Ambient Conditions by Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy.
In: Advanced Materials Interfaces 8, 2101288 (2021)
6 A. Amiri, F. Hastert, and C. Dietz:
Carcinomas with Occult Metastasis Potential: Diagnosis/Prognosis Accuracy Improvement by Means of Force Spectroscopy.
In: Advanced Biosystems 4, 2000042 (2020)
7 A. Amiri, F. D. Hastert, L.-O. Heim, and C. Dietz:
Reliability of Cell Elasticity in Force Microscopy.
In: Applied Physics Letter 116, 083701 (2020)
8 A. Amiri, F. Hastert, L. Stühn, and C. Dietz:
Structural Analysis of Healthy and Cancerous Epithelial Breast Type Cells by Nanomechanical Spectroscopy Allows to Obtain Peculiarities of Skeleton and Junctions.
In: Nanoscale Advances 1, 4853 (2019)
9 L. Stühn, J. Auernhammer, and C. Dietz:
pH-depended protein shell dis- and reassembly of ferritin nanoparticles revealed by atomic force microscopy.
In: Scientific Reports 9, 17755 (2019)
10 L. Stühn, A. Fritschen, J. Choy, M. Dehnert, and C. Dietz:
Nanomechanical sub-surface mapping of living biological cells by force microscopy.
In: Nanoscale 11, 13089 (2019)
Young Investigator Award, International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference 2016, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Compendium – a complete listing of all conference contributions is to be found in the CV: CV and list of publications (opens in new tab)
5 Nanoskalige Charakterisierung weicher Materie und funktionaler Materialien mittels höherer Schwingungsmoden des Rasterkraftmikroskops.
AFM Workshop Featuring Video-Rate AFM (Invited).
Institute of Physics, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Dez. 2017, Chemnitz, Germany
4 Sensing in-plane nanomechanical surface and sub-surface properties of polymers: local shear stress as function of the indentation depth.
VII Multifrequency AFM Conference (Expert).
Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower, Apr. 2018, Madrid, Spain
3 Visualization of polar nanoregions in bismuth-alkali-based relaxor ferroelectrics revealed by high-resolution PFM and quantification of the relaxation behavior via high-speed PFM
International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference.
Sunstar Hotel Grindelwald, Jun. 2016, Grindelwald, Switzerland
2 Surface and Volume Properties of Elastomeric Polypropylene Studied with Enhanced Atomic Force Microscopy Methods.
V Multifrequency AFM Conference (Expert).
Holiday Inn Hotel Bernabéu, Madrid, Jun 2014, Spain
1 Nanomechanical Coupling Enables Detection and Imaging of 5 nm Superparamagnetic Particles in Liquid
IV International Meeting on AFM in Life Sciences and Medicine.
Institut Curie, Aug. 2011, Paris, France
  • Scanning probe microscopy in materials science (materials science department)
  • Solid state physics (materials science department)