AFM und Raman-Spektroskopie unterstützte Biege- und Zugversuche von Zellulosefasern

The stability of paper is determined by hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces between the cellulose fibres. With increasing sogginess of the paper the tensile strength decreases due to hydrogen molecules that settle between the fibres and act as lubricant. This effect shall be prevented by the use of polymer coatings. Bending- and tensile-tests shall be supported by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Raman spectroscopy to gain a profound insight in the cellulose fibre during load. AFM can detect the forces required to rupture the fibres. Raman spectroscopy can reveal changes in the bonds during the deformation. The combined results shall provide a comprehensive understanding of the tensile strength of cellulose fibres in the soaked state.

Ansprechperson(en): Prof. R. Stark, Julia Auernhammer