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Accurate diagnosis of cancer stage is inevitable for the following prognosis in patients struggling with these lesions to promote patient’s health and survival rate. Previous studies on survival rate statistics show in some cases failure in cancer stage surveys in which metastasis or recurrence of the disease was not accurately prognosed. Morphology study of cancer cells advances our understanding about cancer behavior and its progression. In our previous studies on invasive cancer cells we observed a fewer formation of cytoskeleton components compared to their counterparts. We aim to enhance the capabilities of force spectroscopy to complement conventional diagnostic approaches by an accurate cytoskeleton assessment and improve the following prognosis in cancer and cell diseases.
1 Anahid Amiri and Christian Dietz
Structural analysis of healthy and cancerous ductal epithelial breast type celly by nanomechanical spectroscopy
Advances in single-molecule research for biology and nanoscience-21st annual Linz winter workshop, Feb. 2019, Linz, Austria
3 Appel, Christian ; Kuttich, Björn ; Stühn, Lukas ; Stark, Robert W. ; Bernd Stühn
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2 Stühn, Lukas ; Fritschen, Anna ; Choy, Joseph ; Dehnert, Martin ; Dietz, Christian:
Nanomechanical sub-surface mapping of living biological cells by force microscopy.
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1 Grefe, Ann-Kathrin; Kuttich, Björn; Stühn, Lukas; Stark, Robert; Stühn, Bernd:
Oriented crystallization of PEG induced by confinement in cylindrical nanopores: Structural and thermal properties.
[Online-Edition: https://doi.org/10.1039/C9SM00053D]
In: Soft Matter ISSN 1744-683X, (2019)