Anahid Amiri

Anahid Amiri, B.Sc.

Alarich-Weiss-Straße 16
64287 Darmstadt

Raum: L2|07 203


Strukturanalyse von Zellen mittels AFM Nanospektroskopie


The transition of healthy epithelial cells to carcinoma is associated with an alteration in structure and organization of the cytoskeleton of the cells. A comparison of the mechanical properties of cancerous and healthy cells indicated a larger deformability of the cancer cells based on averaging the mechanical properties on single cells. However, the exact reason for softening of the cancerous cells compared to their counterparts and the molecular mechanisms underlying this alteration remains unclear. On this project we focus on nanomechanical spectroscopy of healthy and cancerous epithelial cells by means of atomic force microscopy with high lateral and depth precision.
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1 Anahid Amiri und Christian Dietz
Structural analysis of healthy and cancerous ductal epithelial breast type celly by nanomechanical spectroscopy
Advances in single-molecule research for biology and nanoscience-21st annual Linz winter workshop, Feb. 2019, Linz, Österreich

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