Our fields of application of Microfluidics:

Microfluidics is a technology, which deals with controlling and manipulating fluid flows in small volumes (mL, nL, pL) in precisely defined geometries and facilitates the analysis of single cell level, to a large cell populations in simple channels as wells as in fully integrated and automated chips, “Lab-on-a-chip (LOC)”. LOCs are based on microsystems, which are capable of incorporating entire biological or chemical laboratories in a single chip.

Microfluidic channels also mimic the 3D blood vascular geometries, therefore offer a platform to investigate vascular events in vitro.

In our group, microfluidic technology is used to replicate the fundamentals of human blood vascular system and related disease models in vitro.

Moreover, 3D printed microfluidic chips are also used to characterize mass transfer and concentration gradients in fluid mixtures by using Raman Spectroscopy.